Research Interests

I am interested in applying novel miniaturized instrumentation – devices with characteristic dimensions of nanometers or microns – to biological and biochemical analyses. These devices present new opportunities because the dominant forces at this length scale contribute to distinct or enhanced separation and detection mechanisms. Equally important, the micro/nanoscale is the fundamental length scale of life. From a 10 nm protein complex to a 10 μm eukaryotic cell, the building blocks of biology belong to this size regime. As a result, micro- and nanofabricated tools are uniquely suited to investigations of individual biological units, e.g. single cells. Similarly, self-assembled biomolecules, such as supported bilayer membranes, can be used to improev the performance of microscale devices. My research is focused on advancing our understanding of the behavior of matter at this scale, then applying this understanding to challenging biological problems.

Current Projects

  • Loading exogeneous peptides into Dictyostelium discoideum
  • Characterizing supported bilayer membrane coatings in PDMS devices
  • Performing capillary electrophoresis-based assays of kinase and peptidase activity in cell lysates
  • Single-cell analysis of Dictyostelium discoideum

For recent updates, visit the Lab Updates page.

Previous Research


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